Book Box: Interview with Beck Michaels

Interview written and conducted by Colby Bettley

  • Introduce yourself and tell us what kind of author you are.
    Hi, my name is Beck Michaels and I am a young adult fantasy author.
  • What made you start writing?
    My love for writing began with my love for stories. I had a very active imagination growing up, and I was often lost in my head conjuring up stories in other worlds. At sixteen, I wrote a story about a girl, a werewolf and an angel going off on a dangerous quest and their adventure along the way. More than a decade later, their story was shared with the world when I published Divine Blood, book one in The Guardians of the Maiden series.
  • Tell us about your book(s).
    I write epic high fantasy, the kind that’s a little gory, personal, and tortures your feelings on occasion. My stories take place in another world, but while it may have nearly every fantasy being you can think of, my complicated characters experience love, loss, adversity, and the courage needed to search for the light when they’re left alone in the dark
  • Who is your favourite character that you’ve ever written?
    That’s a very tough question. If I had to choose one, it would be Cassiel Soaraway.
  • Do you have a character that you really dislike?
    I love all of my characters, even the villains. They all have complicated personalities with so many layers that I am still discovering myself as I write them. They feel real to me and I can’t help loving them as I learn who they are.
  • Do you see yourself in any of your characters?
    I believe all of them have a piece of me. They came from my imagination after all, so some part of me gave them life.
  • Tell us about your writing & editing process.
    My writing process is a little chaotic, so don’t take it as the way of all writers. I am a pantser by nature. I enjoy letting the story come to me on its own instead of deciding where it will go. Ideas, thoughts, scenes come to me at random and I write them down on a note app on my phone. I try to make myself put an outline together, but more often than not, the characters take over and
    change things. Sometimes I have no idea what is going to happen next. I simply sit down and let the story flow from my fingertips, coming together as I type. While it’s fun, it’s also messy and unorganized, so it makes for double the work to go back and structure the plot properly. Once I have a tangible story, I send it off to my betas so they can tell me how much it sucks and how I can make it better. (They never tell me it sucks, even when it does). After they have given my draft a mini make over, I send it off to my Developmental Editor who holds no reserves. She is a tough cookie and beats up my manuscript into submission. I call her the wizard because she magically brings the story and characters to their full potential. After I apply those edits, I send it off to my line/proofing editors for the final changes.
  • How do you deal with feedback?
    Of course, good feedback is always good to hear, but I don’t mind the bad either. There are two types of negative feedback. One: The reader simply did not like the story because it’s not what they liked to read. Two: The reader pointed out something lacking in the story, like the pacing, structure, plot, characters etc. This is the feedback I not only like, but need because it tells me what I did wrong and how I can make it better. Writing is a constant learning process and I seek to grow with each book I publish.
  • What’s your writing fuel?
    I survive off the tears of my readers. No, I’m kidding. I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks. My fuel is music painting the scenes in my head and setting goals for reactions I want to bring out of my readers. I measure my success by if I can manage to make them mad or cry. Swooning is a plus, too.
  • Do you have a favorite time/place to write?
    I can write at any time during the day, but my happy place is my home office. It’s my own little space where I am surrounding by books and art.
  • Do you enjoy reading yourself? If yes, what genres and what is your favorite book?
    Of course I love reading! No surprise, my favorite genre is YA fantasy, and the Folk of the Air is my favorite series.
  • Who’s your biggest inspiration?
    You will always hear me fangirling over Holly Black. She’s the Fairy Queen. I love the dark, magical worlds she creates and the complicated characters who inhabit them. I want to grow up to be her someday.
  • What’s changed for you since releasing your first book?
    Life has definitely become busier for me since I published Divine Blood. There are a lot of aspects that go into indie publishing besides writing, like managing a publishing company, marketing, merchandise, reader engagement etc. It keeps my schedule full but I love it!
  • What do you want to say most to your readers?
    Thank you so much for taking a chance on my books and loving on my characters. Your excitement and praise are what keeps me going.
  • Are you currently working on anything? Can you share some secrets?
    I am currently working on Bonded Fate, book two of The Guardians of the Maiden series. Here is a special, unedited sneak peek:

Cassiel chased his shadow into the horizon, letting his wings carry him high into the morning sky, pushing through the thin veil of clouds. He flew into the sun’s glare and closed his eyes as the bitter wind stung his face. It numbed everything but the pang in his chest where he felt Dyna’s despair.

When he saw the hurt in her emerald eyes, he didn’t know what to say. Even with how kind and accepting she was of him, he had expected her anger, but not her despair. Not the embarrassment or her need to run away from him. He would have preferred she scream at him or hit him, anything but
wanting to escape him.

The air thinned as he pushed onward. His wings pumped harder, straining as he continued further than he should go. He wanted to leave the atmosphere and reach Heaven’s Gate, even if it meant there would be no return.

When he reached the top of the world, Cassiel let go. He spread his arms, tucked in his wings, and let himself fall. He was weightless. For a moment, the heavy burden of his cursed existence lifted off his skin. His sullied half-breed blood seeped out of his pores. The fault of the bond. The guilt of killing humans. The hate of his kind. He left behind it in the skies as he
plummeted back to earth.

Unedited Except from Bonded Fate by Beck Michaels

If you’d like to know more, Bonded Fate releases August 3rd, 2021.

Preorder before release and I will send you a free art print. Check out my website, for more information and join my newsletter of all the subscriber perks.

Thanks for chatting with me!

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