Critique Partners

What is a critique partner?

Official definition: A critique partner is a writer with whom you share and critique work on a regular basis.

Unofficial definition: Your hype buddy that keeps it real.

Keeping that in mind, I did an email interview with Meagan Pringle, author of Shooting Star. Who shared a few tips and what to look for when searching for critique partners!

EM: Where did you meet your critique partners?
Meagan Pringle: I met my critique partners when joining the Nerdy Book Box tours who have been amazing.

Meagan Pringle, Author of Shooting Star

EM: How did you come about asking for a critique?
Meagan: I generally tend to not ask for too many critiques, but thanks to Nerdy Book Box tours I was already given critique partners and they were all amazing.

EM: Was it a mutual exchange?
Meagan: It was a mutual exchange as the partners signed up for the experience and I got to meet some amazing people that have a passion for books like I do.

EM: Any tips on how to find a critique partner?
Meagan: I would really recommend finding book tours where you can find multiple critique partners, however, doing your research is always the best solution.

EM: What’s one thing you look for in a critique partner?
Meagan: Someone who is genuine about their comments and will give constructive criticism while remaining professional.

EM: List of “Do’s” and “don’ts” when looking for/asking for a critique?
Meagan: Do not ask only close friends to critique your book as they may be too afraid to hurt your feelings and you may not get their honest opinion. It is always best to do your research on how to find the perfect critique partner and I am not a fan of being charged for reviews if the critique partner is not a professional.

EM: Tells us your experience with critique partners.
Meagan: I have loved my experience so far, as I have received such amazing reviews and critique on how to improve myself as a writer.

Thank you, Meagan for helping me with this blog post! Drop your comments below and tell about your critique partners! What worked or didn’t work for you?

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